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I was hoping to hear a little about your thoughts on environmental issues, sustainable development for our town and wild area preservation.
Thank you

Thank you for the question, we have established several ways to protect our wonderful environment and ensure our development is sustainable. Starting with The City’s Critical Areas code which is in full alignment with the WA Department of Ecology to protect all streams, wetlands, riparian areas and critical slopes. The City just completed the update to its Shoreline Master Program which addresses both the Stillaguamish River and Portage Creek corridors.

The City also requires any new development to evaluate and implement Low Impact Design (LID) features to improve water quality and reduce flows related to storm water and runoff. We also require the use of green, energy efficient design and construction techniques for all new construction as well.

The City acknowledges that growth is inevitable and we are committed to approaching this growth in a proactive, organized and thoughtful manner, thus creating a community that we can all appreciate. This is accomplished in part by allowing growth in locations where services already exist, or where it would be most efficient to do so, this approach reduces the sprawl that impacts our agricultural lands and natural resource areas, providing for long term sustainability of both Arlington and the Stillaguamish Valley.

One of the largest areas that the City has purchased to protect both the Shoreline of the Stillaguamish River and to provide for a wildlife haven within the City, is the old Country Charm Dairy lowlands. This 128 + acre area provides for a unique open space area with river access, wildlife viewing and recreational opportunities for generations to come.