Financial Sustainability

Fiscal Management Video
  • Serious internal reforms to insure fiscally sustainable City services now and into the future;
  • Brought expenses under control, prepared responsible budgets, and created a financial plan to return reserves to mandated levels;
  • Restored the City’s bond rating, restructured a portion of our long term debt, thus further reducing costs. Reduced debt by 35%;
  • Increased the grant funding to the City of Arlington for various projects;

Water/Sewer & Roads

  • Stopped automatic increases in Water/Sewer rates, no rate increases for the last seven years;
  • As a direct result of lobbying efforts, we now have State funding ($39 Million) for the much needed improvements to 172nd Street;
  • Successfully lobbied for $1.7 million in funding to resolve flooding issues in Jensen Park area;
  • Developed plans for the long term maintenance of our infrastructure including water, sewer, storm water and roads;

Economic Development

Economic Development
  • Our streamlined permitting procedures are the model for the region;
  • We received unanimous County Council approval for the creation of a Manufacturing and Industrial Center which will ultimately bring many family wage jobs to our City resulting in 3000 additional jobs since 2015;
  • Increased number of businesses and jobs in the City of Arlington;
  • Successfully lobbied the legislature to provide incentives for new manufacturing employers that create 25 or more new jobs at a minimum of $18 per hour.

Delivering responsive government to benefit our citizens

  • Created direct links between citizens and staff who serve them, service requests and code compliance questions now go directly to the staff members tasked with resolving these issues;
  • Weekly electronic newsletter and a variety of social media to deliver timely information;
  • Changes on the city website, citizens can voice opinions on issues ranging from sewer rates to comprehensive planning;
  • Ensured a culture of  service, city staff is listening to their customers;

Public Safety

Public Safety Video
  • We have met crime problems head-on with ordinance changes, and new community policing initiatives pairing a social worker with an officer;
  • Re-organized Police Department management, filled vacant officer positions and added three new officer positions and a domestic violence coordinator;
  • Updated aging police and fire vehicles, increased training opportunities for public safety staff;
  • Established direct links for neighborhoods to public safety staff to resolve issues together;
  • Reduced crime overall 8.3% with the above approach;

Quality of Life

  • Worked with community members to establish a family resource center in Arlington to add services for those in need;
  • Successfully argued for major state funding for the expansion of the Arlington Boys and Girls Club as well as new ball fields;
  • Partnered with service clubs and Snohomish County for improvements to our parks, including the upgraded play equipment and splash pad at Haller Park;
  • Named a quarter finalist in the national “America’s Best Community” competition, with a cash prize of $65,000 to help us compete in the semi-finals.