Arlington is Our Community

An Arlington resident described our city as her “happy place”. Arlington is a happy place for many; it is why I spend so many hours ensuring we protect the character and charm of our town. We live in one of the fastest growing regions in the country. As your Mayor, I have witnessed first-hand our collective spirit and strength. Whether it’s recovering from a fiscal crisis or from a natural disaster, it has been my privilege to guide our city through these challenges and continue moving forward together.

The regional is growing rapidly, we are responding to the requests that are coming our way. People want to live in great communities with good education assets we are seeing requests for development because our land values are relatively low compared to other areas in Puget Sound. Many people view this as a happy place where they can afford to live, have a great quality of life and have great education for their kids. It is important we plan as a community for the inevitable growth, protecting our small town charm while welcoming new community members.

When we attract family wage employers to our Manufacturing Center, we can envision our students and youth being able to stay in the community they grew up in and avoid a multi-hour commute. We can have more diversity of housing types without threatening our single family neighborhoods. I encourage you to work with us to plan the best possible future for our great city.

I will continue to focus on keeping our community safe. We have developed tools for our police to fight challenges created by alarming drug abuse and related crimes. Our approach is showing great progress as evidenced by the 8.3% reduction in our crime rates. We met these issues head-on with internal reorganization, crime prevention and community policing programs, and teamed up with social workers to bring humane solutions to the issues created by homelessness and drug abuse. In the last year 256 homeless men, women and children have been housed through the combined efforts of the Embedded Social Worker and the Arlington Community Resource Center.

Our successful fiscal stewardship has resulted in budgets that live within our means. We have defined a 10 year financial plan. We have reduced the City debt and are investing in our public safety and transportation systems. We are performing replacement and maintenance of aging roads, modernizing fire & police equipment, and have acquired the funding to widen 172nd with design work currently underway and construction to begin 2021.

My goals for the next four years include:

  • Public Safety, continuing to work with regional service agencies for resources;
  • Financial Health, continue to invest wisely and spend no more than we have;
  • Economic Development, attract new business that brings jobs;
  • Balance Growth, respect residents, business and Arlington’s small town charm.

Our city has great strength and ready to face the challenges of the future. With your support, I will continue the leadership necessary to move forward together. I ask for your vote on November 5th.

Mayor Barb